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Canyon Ledge


Depth of Relief: 130mm

Grout Joint Ave Width: 20mm

Max Stone Size: 100mm x 1220mm

Min Stone Size:150mm x 185mm

Maximum Block Size: 610mm h x 1220mm w

Rustic Elegance

This Canyon Ledge stone design adds a beautiful expression of rustic elegance and a natural, warm feel to any Gravity or Retaining wall. The horizontal combination of larger, longer, and thicker ledgestone will transform the plainest design into a splendid masterpiece.

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Verti-block Canyon Ledge

Natural look

The natural decorative attributes of this stone along with the 5” depth of relief make it possible to obtain an outstanding light and shade effect. Reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains, Canyon Ledge provides a time-worn look of eroded texture that compliments any decor.

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Verti-block Canyon Ledge