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for retaining walls and other landscape projects, Verti-Block's unique size, shape, and flexibility is an ideal solution for residential and commercial projects alike.

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More than
a Stunning Look

Verti-Block interlocks with a unique male-and-female design. You’ll get unmatched strength with more flexibility for landscape applications.

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Case Study

City of Launceston, Tasmania

A new 21m long retaining wall on Trevallyn Road to stabilise the road embankment and replace an existing stone wall. Project engineer Daniel talks us through the works ...

RIGHT LOOK Recognized worldwide for outstanding aesthetics Verti-block retaining wall system is perfect for any project
RIGHT STRENGTH Verti-block retaining wall system is incredibly strong and versatile thanks to its interlocking design.
RIGHT SIZE Measuring 610mm x 610mm x 1200mm Verti-Block is perfectly proportioned for the most popular types of landscaping projects

Unique size and design

A hollow block measuring 2’ × 4’ × 3’, Verti-Block is perfectly proportioned for the most popular types of landscaping projects, including gravity walls up to 14’ high—even higher when reinforced. Its hollow design makes it affordable and easier to handle than solid blocks. Plus, Verti-Block is less labor intensive than small, hand-laid blocks and offers a more practical solution than a cast-in-place retaining wall.

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Strong and versatile

Even more appealing, Verti-Block is incredibly strong and versatile thanks to its interlocking design. Featuring a male-and-female style connection, Verti-Block units ensure you’ll get a secure fit that guarantees the correct amount of setback on every installation. Verti-Block’s hollow design saves money by using less concrete and lowering transportation costs. It also ensures the right amount of crushed stone backfill. Experienced installers know that too much crushed stone wastes money—too little can build hydrostatic pressure and cause the retaining wall to fail.

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Easy installation

Verti-Block was created with landscaping in mind—meaning we’ve made it easy to transport and install, even in tight access spots. Blocks can be moved and put into place with smaller equipment; there’s no need for heavy machines like a telehandler or crane. The male-and-female connection eliminates placement error, ensuring strength and an exact installation every time.

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Why Choose Verti-block

Engineered for strength

Innovative engineering for unparalleled strength

Easy Installation

Easy installation with smaller equipment

Cost Effectice

A beautiful, cost-effective earth retaining solution

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Perfect for landscape projects big and small

Verti-Block is ideal for a variety of landscaping projects including residential communities, commercial campuses, schools, parks, back yards, and more. Able to accommodate winding landscapes and even tight curves, Verti-Block is designed to add interest to any landscape while securely retaining earth.

For projects also requiring a privacy wall or traffic barrier, Verti-Blocks allow fencing or railing to be constructed directly on top of the Verti-Block structure. Fencing can be placed right to the edge of the wall for an attractive, continuous appearance.


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